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Active Learning in Child Protection

  • Developing Frontline Skills
  • Engaging and Working with Men
  • Fit for Practice Sessions
  • Whistleblowing and Responding to Past Abuse
  • Child Sexual Abuse Training In All Contexts

The centre offers a range of training, teaching and staff development with themes in child protection, working with men and child sexual abuse. We do most of this work using active learning methods.This may be in intense small group settings, with teams, small scale seminars or conferences.

Active learning in child protection has emerged over the past 10 years. This is an exciting and innovative way to develop SKILLS. Participants learn through a range of methods as they scrutinise complex and challenging situations they are likely to face on the frontline.

We are challenging and provocative but within a supportive environment. We believe in fair trade and our fees are ethical. We bring our own equipment to all workshops and small seminar formats.

"Active learning is a pedagogy developed by Jim Wild for improving the skills of frontline practitioners to enable them to work effectively . . . his ability to encourage even social workers with many years practice behind them to reflect on their responses is an invaluable skill."

Dr. Siobhan E. Laird, University of Nottingham. Author of 'CHILD PROTECTION, Managing conflict, hostility and aggression'.

Jim Wild is the founder of this ethical service and his publication 'TRANSFORMING CHILD PROTECTION PRACTICE - Active Learning and the Development of Skills' will be released in early 2017. Much of his more recent independent work has been evaluated by leading international academics and is available on request.

Active Learning in Child Protection Video