Teaching, training, workshops and activism to the community of Lowedges, Sheffield and ethical organisations / professionals.

'Paying attention to the emotions of power and control is the vital issue.' . . . Herman

About Jim Wild

Jim Wild is an activist, trainer and mentor now living on Lowedges in the south of Sheffield in council accommodation (by choice) and periodically lives in London. He facilitates free workshops and mentoring with members of the local community where he lives. Jim will try to help people transform their own lives without patronising oversight from councils or voluntary sector people who live in more affluence geographical areas and have no real association with the people of Lowedges. He seeks to work with individuals who have been brutalised by harsh, sometimes corrupt bureaucratic systems. Where there is outrageous injustice he will attempt to engage in transparent ways. If organisations do not engage then non-violent direct action will take place to highlight concerns.

Jim has been (and still is) a trainer, willing to engage with ethical services at a fixed living wage 'by the hour'. This work is limited to 50 days a year. Much of Jim's money (and he has very little) goes towards Lowedges projects. People can donate on his website and clear, transparent accounts will be produced each month. Jim has no religious or political affiliations and is the founder of The Centre for Active and Ethical Learning.

Projects planned for 2018-2019 include:

  • Seminars on welfare rights, food and challenges faced by mental health 'labels'.
  • Helping people develop imaginative strategies 'beyond survival' in a harsh climate.
  • Activism around whistleblowing and demands for transparency (The Avenger Network)
  • Documentaries on poverty defined by those who live it day-to-day.
  • Working to help men who are abusive in relating to others to 'DO NO HARM’'
  • Intensive 6 week programmes 'DOWN NOT OUT' to help people develop autonomy and resilience where they live a life 'on the margins'.
  • Editing publications and producing information sheets for people of Lowedges.
  • Help parents concerned about their children and young people.
  • Jim's first intensive 6 week programme will start towards the end of April 2018 and run through May 2018. It will be a platform for a documentary at Sheffield's DocFest in 2019 and any awards will be shared collectively.

Contact Details

Contact Jim by email in the first instance. If you do not have access to email then please go to Greenhill Library and they will help you.

Local people: email about work on Lowedges: EDGEOFGOODTHINGS@gmail.com

Email to Commission Jim: JWild156@gmail.com

Tel: 07419 991101